[quote style=”1″ author=”BELINDA LOPEZ STURTEVANT / ART PRODUCER / RAZORFISH“]AtEdge is a great way to review photographers when I am on a search for upcoming projects.[/quote]

[quote style=”1″ author=”SOPHIE CHAPMAN-ANDREWS / HEAD OF ART BUYING / MCCANN ERICKSON“] I find AtEdge very useful for those times when I need help in a certain market I am not familiar with. The website is easy to navigate and nicely laid out. The Face-to-Face event in London was also a great introduction to photographers I have not seen before.[/quote]

[quote style=”1″ author=”YVONNE SILVER / ART BUYING MANAGER / SCHOLASTIC EDUCATION“]The Directory offers quality talent and a variety of styles, making my search task a pleasure.[/quote]

[quote style=”1″ author=”MANNY VELEZ / ART DIRECTOR / THE WALL STREET JOURNAL“]I like to use the Directory when I’m looking for fresh talent. The online site is particularly useful because the work is updated all the time.[/quote]

[quote style=”1″ author=”PETRA KOBAYASHI / ART DIRECTOR / CONDE NASTÉ“]I love the size, love the design, great photography and very modern feel.[/quote]

[quote style=”1″ author=”BRANDON SCHARR / SENIOR GRAPHIC DESIGNER / WRAY WARD“]They’ve basically become a collectible around here.[/quote]

[quote style=”1″ author=”AARON SMITH / GROUP CREATIVE DIRECTOR / TBC“]Enjoy being able to reference a wide array of talent all from one site.[/quote]

[quote style=”1″ author=”JACKIE HEDA, CMI / MEDICAL & SCIENTIFIC ILLUSTRATION”]I have had an ad in the Sourcebook since the second edition. So for me, the track record speaks for itself, and for my business and the ever evolving marketplace, choosing not to run an ad in the MISB is not an option!

The value of having a portfolio in front of a wide audience of qualified buyers in the US and beyond, can not be over stated. The Sourcebook is not only a printed directory that is used by many of my clients, it is a broad based marketing tool that includes online marketing through medillsb.com. In addition to your printed ad in the Sourcebook, each subscriber can upload 50 images/animations per page as their online portfolio on medillsb.com.

When I ask contacts “how did you find me?”, the response is most often ‘through the online resources of the Sourcebook‘.[/quote]

[quote style=”1″ author=”CHRIS PETERS / SENIOR ART PRODUCER / COLLE + MCVOY“]I think AtEdge is the best source out there right now for photography. You do a great job keeping everything fresh, with a wonderful selection of talent that is well versed in the craft. I use the website a lot – especially the specialty index… and everyone at our agency just loves the little books![/quote]

[quote style=”1″ author=”CAROLYN MCCLAIN / DEPUTY ART DIRECTOR / CRAIN’S NEW YORK BUSINESS“]I find it easier to find an artist using print compared to online. Usually I find artists in the Directory and then look them up online to get more information on them.[/quote]