[quote style=”1″ author=”MARGI DENTON / PRESIDENT / DENTON DESIGN ASSOCIATES“]I think it represents high-end photography so I look there to keep myself familiar with the names… as I do reading the design and photography magazines. The photographers’ efforts to market seem to count most.[/quote]

[quote style=”1″ author=”HELEN O’NEILL / HEAD OF ART PRODCUTION / TBWA\MEDIA ARTS LAB“]Thanks again for the Face-to-Face portfolio review. I enjoyed being part of it. It was handled perfectly – there was enough quality one-on-one time, and enough time for socializing.[/quote]

[quote style=”1″ author=”ETHAN DAVID KENT / EXECUTIVE CREATIVE DIRECTOR / MCGARRY BOWEN“]The Directory is a good collection of talent all in one place. The fewer places I can visit to find the talent I need, the better.[/quote]

[quote style=”1″ author=”AUDRA GERAS / GERAS HEALTHCARE PRODUCTIONS“]I’ve been advertising in the Medical Illustration Sourcebook since its inception. I consider it an indispensable component of my annual marketing plan. Over the years, the Sourcebook has brought my work broad exposure to a wide variety of clients and this has led to countless interesting assignments.  A significant percentage of my work can be directly linked to my pages in the Sourcebook. In recent years, I’m very often told by potential clients that they first discovered my work on medillsb.com and then followed the link to my web site. This is a valuable addition to any studio’s marketing strategy and is one I will continue to use for the foreseeable future.[/quote]

[quote style=”1″ author=”PIPER SMITH / LINDGREN & SMITH“]The Directory of Illustration is a very cost-effective way for us to promote our artists. We get great work from our presence in the book and a lot of referral traffic from DirectoryofIllustration.com. The staff is wonderful to work with and the web portfolio is easy to maintain. We love the Directory program.[/quote]

[quote style=”1″ author=”JANE WHITNEY, B.Sc. A.A.M. / MEDICAL & SCIENTIFIC ILLUSTRATOR”]I know for certain that the Sourcebook and web site have directed new clients to me, and those connections have more than paid for the cost of the advertising. These new clients are not ones I would have thought to contact on my own, and I know that they are familiar with my work and are looking for my style before they call me.[/quote]

[quote style=”1″ author=”SCOTT LACEY / PHOTO EDITOR / BOSTON MAGAZINE“]The Directory of Illustration is one of my favorite resources for finding illustrators.[/quote]

[quote style=”1″ author=”KAREN ARNESON / ART BUYER LEAD, IMAGE SERVICES / HOUGHTON MIFFLIN HARCOURT PUBLISHING“]The Directory of Illustration is so helpful and valuable. I love the printed book and the online equally. Your site is so inclusive and user-friendly — probably the #1 “go to” site for me.[/quote]

[quote style=”1″ author=”MICHELE GRAHAM, MS, MFA, CMI / MEDICAL ILLUSTRATOR”]I would not have the exceptional client base that I have now without the Sourcebook. It’s that simple.[/quote]

[quote style=”1″ author=”CAROLYN MCCLAIN / DEPUTY ART DIRECTOR / CRAIN’S NEW YORK BUSINESS“]I find it easier to find an artist using print compared to online. Usually I find artists in the Directory and then look them up online to get more information on them.[/quote]