[quote style=”1″ author=”MONICA ALVERCA / ASSOCIATE ART DIRECTOR / TIME INC.“]I use the Directory of Illustration as a reference each time I need to assign projects or suggest an illustrator to a co-worker. It’s a must-have tool.[/quote]

[quote style=”1″ author=”JIGISHA BOUVERAT/ MANAGING DIRECTOR / SADDINGTON BAYNES“]Directory of Illustration is one of my top resources for finding illustration artists.[/quote]

[quote style=”1″ author=”PETRA KOBAYASHI / ART DIRECTOR / CONDE NASTÉ“]I love the size, love the design, great photography and very modern feel.[/quote]

[quote style=”1″ author=”KAREN ROSSITER / SENIOR CONTENT PRODUCER / OGILVY & MATHER“]It’s a great resource for me to flip through as projects come up and I am looking for ‘new blood.'[/quote]

[quote style=”1″ author=”JANE WHITNEY, B.Sc. A.A.M. / MEDICAL & SCIENTIFIC ILLUSTRATOR”]I know for certain that the Sourcebook and web site have directed new clients to me, and those connections have more than paid for the cost of the advertising. These new clients are not ones I would have thought to contact on my own, and I know that they are familiar with my work and are looking for my style before they call me.[/quote]

[quote style=”1″ author=”TODD BUCK / MEDICAL ILLUSTRATOR”]The Medical Illustration Sourcebook goes to medical art buyers who do more than click the “like” button. They hire. Based on my return on investment with the Sourcebook, I will continue to advertise in it. One phone call from a company you may have never heard of can change your work flow trajectory for years. I say this as I am working on a large project from a company I initially connected with via the Sourcebook.[/quote]

[quote style=”1″ author=”STEPHAN ICARDI / ASSOCIATE ART DIRECTOR / DIGITAS“]When looking for a photographer, AtEdge is the best way to locate the right style and composition, which makes the right photographer easy to find.[/quote]

[quote style=”1″ author=”LISA KUNST / PRODUCER / LEO BURNETT USA“]The talent in AtEdge is very strong. I use the perfect little books and website all the time.[/quote]

[quote style=”1″ author=”MAGGIE MACHADO / FREELANCE CREATIVE”]AtEdge is the only reference I keep on my desk. I have four of the small editions sitting in front of me right now.[/quote]

[quote style=”1″ author=”TRACI DABERKO / ILLUSTRATOR”]I’ve been advertising in the Directory of Illustration since 2008. Now I have an impressive and extensive client list that continues to grow due to the exposure from the book and website. Advertising with the Directory always pays for itself, and then some. It’s such valuable resource for the industry and I look forward to the next big illustration project.[/quote]