[quote style=”1″ author=”MARY BRYSON, M.A.M.S. / BRYSON BIOMEDICAL ILLUSTRATIONS, INC.“]For 20 years, the Sourcebook, and now the medillsb.com, has been the most cost efficient way of getting my illustrations in front of the widest array of medical art buyers worldwide.[/quote]

[quote style=”1″ author=”JIGISHA BOUVERAT/ MANAGING DIRECTOR / SADDINGTON BAYNES“]Directory of Illustration is one of my top resources for finding illustration artists.[/quote]

[quote style=”1″ author=”SCOTT LEIGHTON / SENIOR MEDICAL & SCIENTIFIC ILLUSTRATOR / NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL OF MEDICINE“]Over the years, the Sourcebook has proven to be my most valuable marketing tool. And most recently, I have found that the majority of my new clients are locating me through the medillsb.com website — It has been a very valuable addition to my self-promotion.[/quote]

[quote style=”1″ author=”CHRIS BUDA / MANAGER OF ART BUYING / BBDO“]I continuously use AtEdge and have worked with a number of the photographers featured. The books really are a great tool to have around, to see new work and to reference when we have an upcoming photo shoot.[/quote]

[quote style=”1″ author=”CORNELIA RICHTER / SENIOR ART BUYER / LEO BURNETT, FRANKFURT“]Helpful source and nice format.[/quote]

[quote style=”1″ author=”TRISHA MASTERSON / IMAGE MANAGER / OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS“]The Directory of Illustration is an excellent source for finding artists. I refer to it often when projects are starting up and I tag artists for future possibilities as well.[/quote]

[quote style=”1″ author=”CAROLYN MCCLAIN / DEPUTY ART DIRECTOR / CRAIN’S NEW YORK BUSINESS“]I find it easier to find an artist using print compared to online. Usually I find artists in the Directory and then look them up online to get more information on them.[/quote]

[quote style=”1″ author=”CHRIS PETERS / SENIOR ART PRODUCER / COLLE + MCVOY“]I think AtEdge is the best source out there right now for photography. You do a great job keeping everything fresh, with a wonderful selection of talent that is well versed in the craft. I use the website a lot – especially the specialty index… and everyone at our agency just loves the little books![/quote]

[quote style=”1″ author=”SARA CLARK / SENIOR ART PRODUCER / TBWA\MEDIA ARTS LAB“]AtEdge books are on my desk all the time. You can flip through them quickly and know that all the talent will be strong. The books are all over the agency and our creatives hold on to them for a long time.[/quote]

[quote style=”1″ author=”EDMOND ALEXANDER / ALEXANDER & TURNER MEDICAL ILLUSTRATION STUDIO“]Since the second edition, the Alexander & Turner Medical Illustration Studio has chosen the Sourcebook as our priority for advertising. We have found that this is the simplest way to put our work in front of a wide audience of art buyers.[/quote]